LEARN THE MODERN WAY TO Teach, evaluate and document a trainee's performance

FTO Webinar Series

This 2 part webinar series was filmed in San Jose, CA, where the FTO concept was created. Our instructors give you a crash course in some of the most popular topics from our FTO training courses. 

What's included?

  • Over three hours of material from our expert instructors
  • Tangible tools you can use with your trainees
  • Tips and downloads
  • The modern science of learning and how it affects you and a recruit in a patrol car. 

Part 1 - FTO Refresher

  •  How to first diagnose the root cause of a trainee's issue using a simple analysis and then how to fix the issue.
  • The most common documentation errors made by FTOs
  • Review of the Teach / Evaluate / Document theory 

Part 2 - Helping Your Trainee Make Sense of What is Happening

  • Why are trainees failing?
  • "The trainee doesn't know how to multi-task" and how to fix it
  • Practical applications of sense-making
These are an on-demand webinars. The total run time of the videos is approximately 3 1/2 hours.
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