Critical Incident Response
Webinar Series

This series contains 3 separate webinars jam packed full of critical incident response concepts. This is over 5 hours of tactics and ideas you can begin using during your very next patrol shift.  
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Critical Incident Decision Making Webinar

  • Responding to Barricaded and Isolated Suspects Using the Contain - Point - React 
  • Using Surprise - Don't Poke the Bear!  
  • Maintaining the 10,000-Foot View  - Situational Awareness for the Officer in Charge   
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Critical Incident Response

  • The Legalities of Drawing a Line in the Sand
  • Comparing the Suspect's View to the Officer's View
  • A Tactically Advantageous Way to Deploy Officers 
  • The Public Duty Doctrine - What Do Officers Have To Do?
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Practical De-Escalation &
Tactical Conduct Webinar

  • Pre-Contact Assessment of the Suspect
  • The Conditions Necessary for De-Escalation
  • The Factors Beyond Your Control 
  • A Review of the De-Escalation Strategies & Techniques for California Law Enforcement  publication
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