Advanced ONLINE Law Enforcement Training

Response Tactics for Critical Incidents and In-Progress Crimes®

This online course teaches law enforcement officers and supervisors how to respond to critical incidents safely, calmly and methodically.

This is an Online Course. If you are interested in our In-Person training, please visit our main web site's Training Schedule.

What's included?

  • 12 Chapters
  • 35 HD Videos
  • 1 Critical Incident Checklist
  • 7 Debriefs and Scenarios
  • The confidence to know you're doing it right!

Learn how to handle any "hot call" or critical incident

Learn how to coordinate the response, how to lead, and how to make smart decisions during a crisis.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Once you're registered, you'll have lifetime access to the course. You can view the entire course in one sitting in about 4-5 hours. Or, log in and out as you please to move at your own pace. 
Meet the instructor

Scott Savage

Your instructor, Scott Savage, is a highly experienced law enforcement officer from California where he still serves today. This course is the culmination of years or real world experience and extensive research of "tactical science." Scott's a passionate presenter who will keep you entertained as you learn new tools to put in your tactical toolbox. 
Scott Savage - Founder of the Savage Training Group
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