AB 392 and The Public Duty Doctrine: What Do California Police Officers Have to Do?

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  • Presenter: Scott Savage
  • Video time: 100 minutes
Course overview
California law enforcement officers remain confused about the changes made to Penal Code 835a and what they “have to” do. In this webinar, Scott Savage will present an eye-opening deep dive into California’s use of force law and why police officers have been criminally charged in California. He’ll also explain California’s “public duty doctrine” and whether or not officers are legally required to “protect and serve.” If you are a California law enforcement officer, this is a MUST SEE.

Enrollment is restricted to sworn law enforcement officers.  
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January 1st, 2020, ushered in a new law that dramatically altered how California law enforcement officers can use force. Shockingly, many officers were told that not much changed after AB392 and it was mostly business as usual. This webinar will convince you otherwise by examining the cold hard facts of the law and why at least one California officer has already been charged with homicide. Equally important, you will leave this webinar with an understanding of whether or not officers have a legal duty to protect others from harm. The answer may shock you because we have found time and time again that officers are confused about the public duty doctrine. Knowing what you have to do and what you don't have to leads to smarter decision making in the field. 

Meet the instructor

Scott Savage

Your instructor, Scott Savage, is a highly experienced law enforcement officer from California where he still serves today. He is an expert in use of force and liability law and has a passion for helping officers understand both. 
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